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"Winter Fire"
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Released: November 2003
Item Number: ROF-10040

Description: Ring of Fire is excited to announce the release of Winter Fire, a collection of their favorite songs of the season. Recorded in January 2003, the Kung Fu Bakery in Portland, Oregon, was years ago a Kung Fu studio, then a bakery, and now is one of the premier recording spaces in the northwest. This CD represents many hours in the studio, carefully recording and editing each song to bring about a top quality product for your listening enjoyment.

Winter Fire brings to your CD collection a timeless collection of favorites. These fourteen tracks represent a variety of seasonal music styles and expression, from the Puerto Rican favorite From A Distant Home to the classic and peaceful Silent Night, from the driving majestic O Come O Come to the music-box sounds of New Pizzicato Polka you won't be dissappointed. As a added bonus, they have included several of their most popular songs, including the soft peaceful sounds of Softly and Tenderly, the mournful Sou Gan, and the exciting, energetic pieces Passacaglia and Firedance!

Add this CD to your Christmas purchases this season. Then gather your family, sit back in your favorite chair, and enjoy the fire. Winter Fire.

Check out the list of song titles on this CD along with some audio samples from each!

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